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Dickey's Barbecue Pit
Dough Riders
Elias The Foodie
Elote Man AZ
Flippin' Rice
Green Chile Love
Grilled Addiction
Grillin N Chillin
Happy Honu Shave Ice
Hummus Xpress
Ice Cream Sociables

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Best Phoenix Catering Tips

When looking to hire a food truck for catering, several critical considerations can ensure a successful and stress-free event. Begin by researching and selecting a food truck with a solid reputation, checking reviews and testimonials to gauge the quality of food and service. Customization is key; ensure the menu aligns with your event’s theme and accommodates various dietary restrictions to cater to all guests. Legalities and logistics should not be overlooked - confirm the food truck is licensed, insured, and adheres to health and safety regulations. Lastly, communication is paramount; maintain open lines of communication to ensure that logistics, from arrival times to setup and breakdown, are seamlessly coordinated, promising an efficient and professional catering experience.

How to Book Food Truck
Catering in Phoenix

Booking food truck catering with City Flavor is a straightforward process designed for convenience and efficiency. Begin by exploring a diverse selection of gourmet food trucks, each offering a unique menu crafted to satisfy a variety of tastes. Navigate to the “Book Vendor” section, and fill in the details of your event, including date, location, and expected guest count. City Flavor’s responsive team will assist in matching you with the perfect food truck to meet your specific needs and dietary preferences. Once matched, you can customize your menu and service options, ensuring a tailored catering experience that promises to elevate your event. Confirm your booking, and rest easy knowing that City Flavor will manage the logistics, delivering impeccable service and mouth-watering cuisine to impress your guests.

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City Flavor makes booking a food vendor easy and effortless.

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Unlike other food truck rental services, we don't charge you to request a quote.

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Bypass lengthy conversations with busy business owners, our responsive team helps with all communications with vendors.

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City Flavor puts vendors up against each other to make sure you, the client, gets a reasonable and competitive rate for your event.

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Best Phoenix Food Trucks And Catering Tips

Phoenix food trucks are known for making incredible Southwestern and Mexican fare. The Phoenix area is home to over sixty food trucks. Until recently, Phoenix was very strict about permitting for food trucks, making it difficult to develop a thriving scene. That’s no longer the case, as food trucks have begun to spring up all over Phoenix. While it may not be the biggest food truck scene in the country, vendors here certainly pack a punch.

Exploring the food trucks Phoenix has to offer can be difficult. Food trucks in Phoenix typically spread out all the way out to the Phoenix suburbs. To check out food trucks before deciding on one for catering your next event, you may need to get in the car and drive.

Below, we have provided some helpful tips to make it easier to find food trucks that suit all of your catering needs.

How To Find Phoenix Food Trucks For Catering

Figuring out where to go in the greater Phoenix area to find trucks is a must. Here’s a few tips on where to look for trucks around Phoenix and how to book catering.

Where To Find Food Trucks In Phoenix

Phoenix loves food truck festivals. Most of the big food truck gatherings you’ll find will be at festivals. Food truck festivals are spread out around the Phoenix suburbs, though, so you’ll need to get in the car to get to most of them.

We highly recommend checking out Scottsdale Ranch if you want to find lots of tasty trucks. Scottsdale Ranch is a half hour outside of the city and is known for its innovative and fresh takes on food truck cuisines.

Within the city limits, there’s a few key spots to look out for. The Open Air Market at the Public Market is home to many of Phoenix’s favorite food trucks. Food trucks gather there on Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons The Horizon Community Learning Center is also a great spot to go on Saturday nights. There, they host Ahwatukee Eats, which features many of Phoenix’s best vendors..

How To Book Food Truck Catering In Phoenix

Booking food truck catering in Phoenix can be a challenge. Some food trucks let you book direct, but shopping around is time-consuming and tedious.

City Flavor lets you simplify your search for renting food trucks for your next party or event. Fill out a simple form to tell us about your event, and we'll connect you with the best food trucks in Phoenix. No fees until you book!

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