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Explore a wide range of vendors and tech solutions for any culinary service requirement - flexible for daily, weekly, monthly, or single-event needs, scaling from 50 to 50,000 guests.

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What we do

We work with a number of different types of venues. See who we support below.

City Flavor For Work

Catering and Hospitality Management made easy.

Don’t have consistent in office numbers?

The vendors you book will come to your office, factory, warehouse, etc. with delicious food you can choose. Perfect for businesses with 10 to 1,000 employees, and book for one day or for the full year.

Food for any celebration

Birthdays, Cinco de mayo, Tech Launch Parties, or all at the same time. We got you covered.

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City Flavor For Work

Connect with our incredible network of vendors.

Looking for that certain cuisine?

City Flavor connects you to a variety of different cuisines. From American to Korean, Mexican to Mediterranean, Italian to Vietnamese, we will help you find the perfect meals for your team.

Omni-channel ordering & software

Explore our platform and our tech-enabled features such as QR ordering, kiosk software, mobile ordering, and order ahead.

City Flavor For Work

Food program scheduling made easy.

From private events to full service cafeterias.

Our scheduling software is built to optimize to your scheduling needs. Whether you need one food truck or the whole fleet, our vendors will arrive on time and ready to serve.

Automation & Live Feedback

Property sales reports, access to our payment portal, automated vendor confirmation and automated vendor scheduling, as well as the ability to create recurring schedules -- these are just some of the features available to you with the City Flavor Management Suite.

City Flavor For Work

Your employees can save time, and order ahead.

Our mobile/ web application

City Flavor’s web dashboard is your one stop shop for all things ordering. See menus, cuisine details, dietary information, and with just a couple clicks, place your order from anywhere.

Order Tracking

Receive live updates on the status of your order via email or text.

City Flavor For Work

We integrate with POS systems to streamline ordering and reporting.

POS Integration

Allow for most vendors to operate using City Flavor’s order ahead and payment features.

Dynamic insights and customer service

Access sales data, provide personalized services and promotions, and gain insights into your employee’s food preferences.

Companies catered by city flavor

Used by Culinary Managers, Event Coordinators, Hospitality Managers, and more!

Learn more about our food vendors

Used by Culinary Managers, Event Coordinators, Hospitality Managers, etc.

How we can support you

Used by Culinary Managers, Event Coordinators, Hospitality Managers, etc.


Improve existing operations but adding a tech layer to all existing food operations (Kiosk Order, Mobile Ordering, Reporting, and Order Ahead).


Flexible vendors (Both Mobile and indoor Catering & Cafeterias).


Technology + Food

Combine amazing local vendors with technology to provide a state of the art food experience for your employees.

Explore food vendors in each city

City Flavor is here to help you find the tastiest vendors in your area.

Who we support

Used by Culinary Managers, Event Coordinators, Hospitality Managers, and more!


Food Service Directors

Overseeing large-scale food operations, they often grapple with ensuring a diverse food selection. City Flavor's Vendor Management provides access to an updated list of active local vendors, streamlining vendor information and menu creation. The integrated Ordering Channels offer a seamless experience, and the Reporting tool provides actionable insights for service optimization. This allows them to concentrate on offering high-quality, affordable food options to their clientele.


Facilities Managers

Managing facility amenities, they face challenges in scheduling and vendor variety. City Flavor's Property Scheduling provides a dedicated URL for each property, automating shift covers and payment collections. The Vendor Management ensures a consistent and quality food service. With these tools, they can ensure employees and visitors enjoy top-notch, cost-effective food options.


Event Managers

In charge of event organization, they deal with vendor arrangements and communication complexities. City Flavor's Event Scheduling automates truck bid collections and offers a consolidated vendor communication platform and the Vendor Payout and AR/AP system ensures smooth financial transactions. The diverse Ordering Channels enhance the attendee experience, ensuring events offer delicious, affordable food options.


Directors of Operations

Responsible for organizational operations, they need insights for decision-making. City Flavor's Vendor Management and Property Scheduling streamline food service management. With these tools, they can prioritize delivering quality food at competitive prices across the organization.


Multi-Chain Business Owner

Owners of multiple food and beverage establishments benefit from City Flavor & Kyoo's omnichannel ordering solutions. The custom mobile app, online ordering, and kiosk ordering systems provide a seamless customer experience. With streamlined operations and real-time syncing, they can focus on offering delicious food at affordable prices across all outlets.


Food Hall Owner/Real Estate Manager

Managing a food hall involves coordinating with multiple vendors. City Flavor & Kyoo's solutions offer a unified ordering platform across all vendors, ensuring a consistent customer experience. This allows them to concentrate on providing a diverse range of high-quality, cost-effective food options.


Restaurant/Franchise Owner

Restaurant and franchise owners aim to offer a modern ordering experience. City Flavor & Kyoo's multichannel ordering solutions elevate the customer experience. Backed by robust operational tools and detailed reporting, owners can focus on delivering delicious, value-for-money meals to their patrons.

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