Take back your ordering
with our all-in-one platform.


  • Open Tabs
  • Curb/Tableside
  • Order Ahead
  • White-labeled Mobile Apps
  • Curb/Tableside
  • Scheduled Order Reports
Connect with Square via Kyoo

Built On Square

Your Personal Brand

Customize your brand colors and banner images
to reflect your brand.

Manage Inventory

Utilize Square inventory or pre-load inventory

Customize Menu

Your Personal Brand

Instantly update your menu and customize how
customers order.

Change your hours instantly

Change your hours on the fly and control when
customers can order.

Free to try, & free to use


Kyoo is free for merchants, customers pay 25¢ per order. You’ll still pay Square processing fees, and if you want a custom iOS app you’ll need to pay Apple $99/yr for a Developer account.

Change your hours instantly

Turn your store on or off whenever you like. You
have full control.

Companies catered by city flavor

Used by Culinary Managers, Event Coordinators, Hospitality Managers, and more!

Create your ideal ordering
experience for all fulfillments

Optimize the handoff so staff and customers are always on the same page.

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Open Tabs

Customers can now start a tab and receive their own ordering link to share with their table. Pre-auth and card-on-file protect the merchant.

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Tableside ordering paired with unique scannable QR codes for each table is a winning combo.

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Customers text back “here” when they arrive and staff are notified right from the POS to ensure a smooth handoff.

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Classic pickup orders that actually work. No more fussing over missed orders.

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Scheduled Ordering

Accept orders in advance and see your upcoming orders by day and time so you can plan ahead.

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Set up courrier-powered and seller-powered delivery in a snap.

Reach your customers wherever
they like to order

Easily add up to 6 new ordering channels that all feed right into your existing POS.

Mobile Apps

Apps available for iOS and Android with options for white-labeling. Free custom apps for any merchant with > 10 Kyoo order per day.

Online Ordering

Get your own beautiful site and custom link in minutes. Generates automatically with tons of custom options to match your brand.


Walk-up kiosks for in-store ordering. Process more orders faster than ever so customers don’t need stand in line.


Ability to customize your text messages to customers and keep them up-to-date about order updates and pickup details.


Easily add a Facebook bot to your store’s page to capture new customers and allow customers to re-order their favorites.

Mobile Web

Beautiful, customizable ordering pages optimized for the mobile experience. Customers can scan a QR code or click your custom link to check out right from their phone.

Free for merchants so you can keep your
hard-earned cash.

No risk to try. Turn it off whenever.

Small Businesses

Free for merchants. Customers pay $0.25 per order/round.

  • 6 Ordering Channels
  • 5 Fulfillment Types
  • < 5 Minute Setup
  • Customizable Auto-Grautity
  • 24/7 Email Support


Custom pricing, reasonable hourly rates.

  • White-Glove Onboarding
  • Customization & White-Labelling
  • Great for Stadiums, Events & Chains
  • Square-Enabled Walk-up Kiosks
  • 24/7 Priority Support