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Assos grill
Beau Jo's Pizza
Billy’s Gourmet Hot Dogs
Black Diamond Appiza
Bone Apétreat!
Cajun Kings
Capital City Wraps
Cheese Love Grill
Chef in a Box
Cheffin's Cheesesteaks & Cubanos
Chile con Quesadilla
Cirque Kitchen

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Best Denver Food Trucks And Catering Tips

Over the past several years, Denver has supercharged its food truck scene. Food trucks can be found all over the Mile High City now. Denver’s food trucks are as diverse as its restaurants. While a blessing in many ways, this can make it hard to choose the right truck to rent for your next event. With over five hundred trucks serving Denver, here’s the best way to find food trucks to check out for catering.

Frequently Asked Questions About Denver Food Trucks

Booking a food truck in Denver can feel overwhelming. Below, we make it easier by answering the common questions our clients have about Denver’s food truck scene.

How many food trucks are in Denver?

Denver has a huge food truck scene, which makes booking food trucks for catering both exciting and challenging. There are over six hundred food trucks to check out in Denver. Denver has so many food trucks because the costs to start a new truck are pretty low. Plus, demand for food trucks is high, meaning quick profits for new food truck owners.

What are the most popular food truck cuisines in Denver?

There’s a lot of types of food to try in Denver. Apart from classics like pizza and burgers, Denver also shines when it comes to Vietnamese pho, American-inspired tacos and burritos, and comfort food like chicken and waffles.

How much does it cost to rent a food truck in Denver?

Renting food trucks for events varies. On average, Thumbtack reports that food trucks cost $600 to rent on average in Denver. However, costs can be below $500 or over $1000 for small private events, depending on what you’re looking for. For larger corporate events, prices vary a ton. For a fair market price, send us your info to get a quote from us.

How To Find Denver Food Trucks For Catering

Denver's food truck scene has grown exponentially in recent years, with new trucks appearing frequently and old favorites still at it. With so many trucks to try, it can be tough to decide where to go to check out food trucks that can cater your next party. To make things easier, we've compiled a list of the top places in Denver where food trucks gather and a list of the best cuisines and trucks in the city.

Where To Find Food Trucks In Denver

Unlike other cities, Denver food trucks are all over the map. If you go to Colfax or Federal Avenue, there are bound to be trucks to try out.

However, if you restrict yourself to Denver proper, you may be missing out on some of the tastiest trucks. Cities in the greater Denver area like Boulder and Longmont are home to some great trucks too.

Best Food Truck Cuisines In Denver

Like we said, Denver has cuisines that are all over the map. With plenty to try, here are our top picks for Denver food truck cuisines that are perfect to book for parties or events.

Denver has a ton of food trucks that feature fusions of your favorite cuisines. A great truck that comes to mind is Adobo Food Truck, which blends southwestern favorites with Asian tasting notes. From burgers to rice bowls, you won’t be disappointed by their filipino-inspired takes on Mexican food like chicken adobo or smoked carnitas.

When people think of food trucks, BBQ is always top of mind, and Devner doesn’t disappoint. Denver’s food trucks all offer unique takes on BBQ and feature many different styles, from St. Louis to Mexican. Some of our favorite trucks include Turn In BBQ, Still Smokin’ Fusion BBQ, and Lena B Bar-B-Que.

Tacos are another popular food truck choice in Denver. Because it is part of the southwest, Denver thrives when it comes to serving up authentic Mexican food with a twist. In addition to Adobo food Truck, check out The Road Runner. Like Adobo, The Road Runner features many Mexican classics, but also offers Mexican dishes fused with Indian flavors. Their signature Indian fried tacos are to die for!

How To Book Food Truck Catering In Denver

Booking food truck catering in Denver can be a challenge. Some food trucks let you book direct, but shopping around is time-consuming and tedious.

City Flavor lets you simplify your search for renting food trucks for your next party or event. Fill out a simple form to tell us about your event, and we'll connect you with the best food trucks in Denver. No fees until you book!

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