Why Work With City Flavor?

Lowest Fees in the Industry

We only charge a 10% fee at all our daily and/or weekly properties. We also have no catering fees for private events meaning you pocket 100% of your requested catering costs.

We also consider paying out trucks if there is a serious mix-up. If you don't make money at one of our locations, we don’t make money.

Dedicated Marketing Team

We work with all our locations to ensure there is ongoing, on-site marketing. Whether it's social, physical, or email outreach, we are consistently pushing our partners to market our trucks at each location.

Also, check out our blog to see how we support some of the trucks in our network!

Daily Event Requests

We receive a ton of event requests per day. We ensure that the event is going to be profitable and successful for all parties involved before we reach out to our community of vendors.

Daily Property Locations

We work with some of the biggest corporations, commercial real estate companies, and fulfilment/shipping companies in the US and provide food trucks for their employees.

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How do I submit availability for City Flavor events and properties?

You will be notified by City Flavor when there is a new event or property opportunity in your area and will be able to respond quickly and easily with the touch of a button.
You input your catering fees and share a specific menu for the event and any additional notes.
You submit your bid and/or availability and we handle the rest! All paperwork and insurance are covered by City Flavor.

How much will it cost me to work with City Flavor?

You set your own price for each event and you receive 100% guaranteed. At our properties, it only costs 10% and we waive the fee if it’s not a profitable day for you and your team.

How do I get paid by City Flavor?

We collect all payments safely and securely and disperse the funds in the most convenient way for you and your business.

Do I control my schedule with City Flavor?

With City Flavor, you are in control of the events and properties you apply for that fit your schedule the best. Easily track the events and properties you apply for with our website and custom truck profile.

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Unlike some bookers...who have zero actual experience on a truck, City Flavor was started by three people who owned and ran their own truck in the most competitive food truck market in the US, Los Angeles.

As a result of this, City Flavor understands not only the booking side of the equation but also the truck side. This experience makes them one of the few bookers we will deal with because they understand both sides.

John, The Fix On Wheels