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About Smoothie Patrol & Coffee

Smoothie Patrol & Coffee is one of our favorite food trucks. Located in the SF Bay Area, Smoothie Patrol & Coffee serves up tasty Beverage and Beverage food. Customers love Smoothie Patrol & Coffee.

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Smoothie Patrol & Coffee Menus

Catering Menu


Hawaiian Sunrise

Mangos, Strawberries, and Peaches


Nutty Buddy

Bananas, Chocolate, Peanut Butter



Spinach. Mangos, Pineapples & Banana

Tropical Lemonade

Strawberries, Pineapples and Lemonade

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RELAX its SMOOTHIE TIME!...Nutty Buddy, Champion, Mango Madness, Spazmatic, Hawaiian Sunrise, Lean Machine, Gladiator, Tropical Lemonade, Razzle Dazzle, Warrior, Spartan and of course the Tropical Lemonade...All Coffee Espresso Drinks! Need a smoothie truck, coffee truck or shaved ice truck for your event or organization? We are completely self-contained and ready for any size event you can throw at us! We offer fresh, all-fruit smoothies made on site! We are a full service mobile coffee truck and espresso bar! We have been doing all of this for over 12 years! If you are planning an event that needs smoothies, shaved ice or coffee drinks, look no further!